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April 30 – May 2, 2018

Boston, MA
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Start-Up Focus Evening

Start-Up Focus Evening | Monday, April 30


It’s clear that there are a wealth of commercial and developmental insights that need to be taken into account when transitioning from the academic to industrial setting. This focus evening will provide you with valuable insights into some of the crucial commercial aspects of the field that you need to take into account to establish your route forward.

Designed specifically for companies establishing themselves in the gene therapy space, this intimate evening will enable you to engage with colleagues tackling the same hurdles and learn from experts who have experienced the reality of establishing successful companies first hand.


Conference Pre-Registration & Networking


 Chair’s Opening Remarks

Sven Kili, VP, Head of Cell & Gene Therapy Development, GSK

What Does it Take to Succeed in the Gene Therapy Space?

  With responsibility for an ex vivo gene therapy program from preclinical to post-launch, Sven will share comprehensive learnings from every stage of the development process. This will enable you to get a head-start early on, by understanding how to navigate key early decision points to accelerate early progress. This talk will also cover the global perspective, with insights into the distinctive elements driving this field in different geographies.
Sven Kili, VP, Head of Cell & Gene Therapy Development, GSK

Case Study – What it Takes to Establish an Early-Stage Gene Therapy Company

Al Hawkins has worked as an early stage investor and entrepreneur, translating academic innovations into start-up companies in multiple geographies and settings. Having experienced the gene therapy field from multiple viewpoints, his presentation will provide you with invaluable perspectives into how different types of organizations view and interact in this field. The presentation will investigate the characteristics of the gene therapy space that differentiate it from other areas and how young companies can navigate these unique challenges effectively.
Al Hawkins, CEO, Milo Biotechnology

Mastermind Discussion Groups

  Collectively discuss the gene therapy field and share experiences in overcoming key early stage challenges. Gain insights and perspectives from stakeholders at a range of different stages of development in the field and benchmark your progress against a variety of companies and organizations.

Chair’s Closing Remarks

Sven Kili, VP, Head of Cell & Gene Therapy Development, GSK