What was the business challenge Invitae were facing?

We are one of the leading medical genetics companies in the US but getting in front of leaders from the biopharmaceutical industry is becoming increasingly competitive. The amount of conferences and events is diluting the number and quality of attendees and making it difficult to get an audience with key decision makers. We needed to find a premier conference that attracts a large number of our primary targets.

Why was Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders a perfect solution?

Over the last few years we noticed that Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders was increasingly attracting the key biopharma decision makers that we are trying to reach, making it a perfect opportunity for us. In addition, by offering customized sponsorship packages, we were able to work with Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders to build the tailored solutions we needed to properly connect with our customers.

What happened as a result of partnering with Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders?

The meeting has quickly become our leading conference for generating high-quality leads and is also a great forum for connecting with our current customers. The structure of the conference allows us to get our message out to the attendees in numerous different ways, and those messages are resonating with our primary audience. Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders has been instrumental for building brand awareness and connecting with key decision makers.

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