Gene Therapy 101 Day

10.00am - 3:00pm

Your Comprehensive Introduction to the Gene Therapy Space


Are you new to the gene therapy field?

Looking to get up to speed on the nuances of developing gene therapies in the rare disease space?

This full-day workshop will offer an intense learning environment to establish core skills and understanding in the critical areas of gene therapy development. Designed for new entrants to the gene therapy field, it will deliver critical knowledge on a number of unique challenges encountered when working with gene therapies.

Covering essential elements, this workshop will enable you to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of AAV and lentiviral vectors
  • Transition effectively from academia into industry
  • Gain clarity into the ever-evolving regulatory landscape
  • Investigate the challenges gene therapy vectors impose on carrying out preclinical and clinical gene therapy work
  • Learn the transferrable insights that can be leveraged in the gene therapy space from working with other therapeutics
  • Uncover valuable information from the past: using the history and acquired learnings from the field to inform future progress
  • Guarantee safety at every stage of development
  • Integrate the patient voice into gene therapy development and accessing a patient advocacy toolkit
Speakers Confirmed to Contribute So Far Include:

Gavin Corcoran, Chief Research & Development Officer & Executive Vice President, Axovant Sciences
Susan Sikora, Program Director, ARM Foundation