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April 2018
Boston, MA


Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders 2017 will focus exclusively on how drug developers can progress gene therapies to market more effectively.

Built using insights from Pfizer, GSK, UniQure and Genzyme, this unique conference will delve into the key clinical, regulatory, manufacturing, pricing and reimbursement hurdles that need to be overcome to realize the commercial potential of gene therapies.

Join your peers to evaluate the latest case studies and lessons learned from the rapid progress of ocular, CNS and liver gene therapies, to accelerate your development of marketable gene therapies.

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“I’m excited to come together with industry experts to discuss these challenges, as learning from each other’s experiences will enable us as a field to more rapidly advance this potentially transformative technology into the market to improve the lives of patients with rare diseases.”

Eileen Sawyer, Director, Global Medical Affairs, UniQure

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